Monday, March 4, 2013

Queen Gets Down & Dirty Part II: Attic Cleanout

Remember the Queen's first day doing junk removal? I was such a rookie back then. I've graduated from simple small jobs to helping out on whole house cleanouts! (Yes, I just patted myself on the back) Our latest house cleanout job had an attic full of stuff, I'm not just talking lowercase "full", I'm talking "FULL". Here's some pictures to prove it:


Where do you start on a job like this? Well, basically you start at the staircase and work your way in. As we worked through the layers of stuff, we sorted things including books, toys, metal (for recycling), wood, etc. There was a lot of carrying things down stairs which means that you had to walk back up the stairs each time - the Queen likes a good workout anyways :) You never know what you'll find under the piles and although this job didn't yield anything overly interesting, we did find a couple neat things (blasts from the past):

Old Box of Crayola Crayons

Kodak camera c.1969

Army Guy Toys (no, they're not G.I. Joe) - The princesses are enjoying these! I know there's a Star Trek toy there too - the King would want to make sure I mentioned that!
This particular job was a house that was owned by the bank, it does spark a little sadness in you when you're sorting through all this stuff and think about the stories behind how the house got to the state that it's in. This cleanout (the attic plus the stuff from the rest of the house - another story for another time) was about 4.5 truckloads total. The attic itself was about 1.5 truckloads.

Last words (and pictures!): I'll end this blog with the "after" pictures so you can sigh a sigh of relief to see all the open space we made by getting rid of the clutter!


Hope you enjoyed the transformation! Til next time!

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